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LED Light Bulbs, MR11 Style, G3.9 Bi Pin, Only 0.9 Watts

For Clean 12VDC Regulated Current For 12VAC Applications

Direct Incandescent Replacement Up to 90% Energy Savings

Ideal for use with Alternate and Renewable Energy Resources like Solar & Wind Power

Major Reduction in Energy Use, Reduces Light Pollution, "Dark Skies" Initiative Friendly
Part #:
Base TypeG3.9 BiPin
Warm White  
Color Temp
2800K to 3200K
Power0.9 W
Current0.083 A
Operating Temp
Efficacy45.9 lm/W
Lumens41 lm
Max Candela48cd
Viewing Angle45°±3°
3 Year Warranty

  • 3 Year LEDtronics Warranty
  • Easy Installation Using Existing Socket
  • Long Life: Lumen Maintenance of the White LEDs Is Greater than 70% at 35,000 Hours of Operation.
    (Rated Average Life Based on Engineering Testing and Probability Analysis)
  • Solid-State, Fast Turn On, No Power Surge
  • High Shock / Vibration Resistant
  • Major Power Savings
  • Voltages Available 12/14V, 24V, 28V, 120VAC, 240VAC
  • Major Reduction in Heat Generation
  • Choice of 13 Colors & Infrared
  • 30+ Years LEDtronics Design & Manufacturing
Available Options
  • Other Colors available (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue) for large quantity orders
  • Other Voltages available for large orders
  • Other LED Beam Angles for different effects available for large orders
  • Available in Ultra-Violet UV LEDs in 395nm or 405nm for large orders
  • Available in Infra-Red IR LEDs in 730nm, 850nm, 880nm, 940nm for large orders


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